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Weird School Dream-

I was sitting at school, in english class, and zac and taylor walked in, they took a seat next to me and i looked at them and then kept looking at my english book, i seen tay and zac whispering and then they would look at me, and i'd look back over at them, and then i heard tay whisper, "Tell her." and then zac said. "Tay shut up". and then Zac looked at me, and smiled with the most weirdest grin in the world, and said "I'm wearing new socks today." and i laughed. and Tay said."Were going back to Tulsa now, Zac wanted to tell you that." and then I WOKE UP!!! IT WAS REALLY WEIRD!!!


I had this dream that I was in Tulsa looking for Hanson. I had driven up there, even though I am only 14 and I was so worried that my parents would come home and notice I was gone, so I was like I have to find their house fast! All of a sudden I was walking down the street, and I couldn't find there house, so I stopped and askedsome people, but the person was my religion teacher. I am from MN. so this was weird. She said she never has heard of Hanson so I went on. Finally I was very tired so I sat on this curb. I hear a voice behind me say Are you looking for something? So I turn around and there is Isaac Hanson, and I was like Yeah I was looking for you! and then he's like oh ok, I gotta get gas, wanna come? I was like sure. so we walked to the gas station which is weird, because we never even got gas for his car. The gas station was really crappy! Then Isaac took my hand and said, Will you go out with......and then I woke up! Darn, but anyway about two weekends ago, I went to BlackRiver Falls, Wisconsin, and I saw this gas station it looked so familar. then I remembered that it was the one in my dream! I thought that was so weird since I had never seen it before, and then about a block up, was the house that was theirs in my dream! ~Michelle~

VERY Strange Dream-

In my dream, I was jogging a mile like I do everynite in the summer. then I ran pass the little deli place and I noticed 3 people wif blonde pigtails talegating outside. So I went over to see if i knew them. Here they were...HANSON! So, I decided to say "hi" I said "hi" to them and Ike and Zac shook my hand and said "whats up homie?" I just shook my head. Tay didn't say anything. Then all of a sudden he took his teeth out!!!! and he threw them in the sewer. I don't nkow why he did that. It was soooo scary!! They jogged wif me for awihle, then Zac and Ike passed out, coz they were tired, and all this is green crap oozed from there feet. (I know this is weird) Then Tay led me over to the porter potty, and Kissed me and smiled(he had his teeth back) and hopped on my back...then I woke up..strangest dream I ever had. ~Steves Girl~

Clips & Zac-

I saw Zac in a mall, just walking around, so I wanted to go up and meet him. For some strange reason he was wearing little sparkly red clips in his hair! I really wanted them to fall out of his hair so I could keep them and remember that these were in Zac Hanson's hair. So,I wanted to go to some store and look for the hair clips that Zac was wearing. Right when I walked into the store, I woke up. I sat in bed and thought to myself "I need to get those clips!" A few days later (when I was awake and not dreaming) I saw the same exact clips that were in my dream at a Walgreens store. I wanted to get them, but they were a ripoff. ~Kathleen~

Odd Dream~~

I was at this winter lodge somwhere and Hanson was there. Tay was sitting by the LARGE window. He was just sitting there staring into space. I asked him what he was looking at. He said that Isaac was out there in the forest killing a cheetah(?). he kept staring into space. Then I spotted Zac. We talked for a while and told me that he wanted me. Then Zac wrote me this paper about their lives.Then he told me he wanted to kiss me right infront of evryone. I was sooooooo embarsed when he said that. I said mabey later and to come to my room after dinner. Ike came in with his cheetah skin and showed it off to evreyone. I walked outside and I slipped and fell down a bunch of ice. Ike (cheetah) in arms came down and rescued me. I was brought up to the the lodge and set in my room. Zac bent over me .................I heard a beeping sound. It was my alarm!!!! All day I wondered what would have happend next.~KSB~

Concert Dream-

Me & my friend Arica was at a concert. We were on the front row!! I had a big poster that said "I love you Zac! From: Jenn" Tay was at his keyboard & he said "OK, everyone, look at your ticket stubs, because we are giving out backstage passes!!" And everybody screamed!! Then tay said " OK, here's the numbers, 245, 566, 123, 7233,100." And, for some reason I had 100. I ran up there screaming!! I said "OH, MY GOSH!!! I'm on stage with hanson!!" I ran to Tay & said, "please say 220." And he said " we have the last number & it's 220!!!" Arica ran on stage screaming!! I went & stood by Zac & we talked a while. Then I woke up!! :( -Jenn-

Cool dream-

Well i was walking home from school but i was in New York City (I live in MN).i seemed to know where i was going though. As I was walking down the street,I notice a van is slowing down beside me. I look over and see Hanson pointing to me and telling their dad to stop the van. Well, Taylor,Ike ,and Zac got out of the van and were walking toward me. I just stood there with the most puzzled look on my face until they were standing right next to me. Then I said (pretending not to know who they are very much),"You're.....hanson.....right?" Taylor answered,"Yeah, have you heard of us?" I replied," yeah, you guys did that song 'Mmmbop'. I love that song. I love your guys's music. you're really talented." Then Zac points out that Taylor's blushing. Taylor said "Shut up ,Zac!" embarassed. I broke up the little quarrel by asking why they were in New York. Ike then said,"Oh ,well we're actually on our way to the DAVID LETTERMAN SHOW." Taylor blurts out ," Wanna come with us?!?" of course i said yes. So i jumped in their van and there we were at the David Letterman show.They had to reherse and do a sound check, so they asked me to go to the back of the theater while they played. After they got done i shouted" IT's GREAT!!" they were all like,"WHAT?!?!?!" I said "IT SOUNDS GREAT!!!!" (they understood me this time) So then after a period of a few hours the show was starting and I got the best seat in the house (front row center)!!! Then after they played, Taylor announced on the air "I'd like to personally say 'hello' to Beth Johnson". Then he looked right at me and winked at me . I just about died. Sorry this is so long but i'm not done yet. (read on) So after the show Taylor ,Zac and Ike invite me to hang with them at their hotel in their room!!! We watched the earlier recorded show and were laughing at dave's funny jokes. Then, when it got to the part where taylor said hi to me on the air he was blushing and looked at me. i looked at him back and asked him why he did that. His answer was,"well, i thought it would make you happy" ( now, of course it did) But I had to ask him "You actually care about me being happy?" He nodded and said that even he just met me only earlier the same day, he had felt that he knew me his whole life. Then Ike and zac were whispering to each other and went into the bathroom. Taylor and i were just like "HUH?" so we walked over toward the bathroom and ike and Zac poured Ice cold water all over taylor and me and told us that we needed to cool off. Well it was getting late and we all fell asleep. i woke up (in my dream) the next day and jumped out of bed. I was in bed with Taylor wearing his clothes. I had no idea what had happened so he told me. He was like, "Well since Ike and zac drenched us in water you didn't have any dry clothes so i lent you mine. You can keep them if you want. You know, sort of like memento ." i was just so happy that i jumped on Taylor thanked him and gave him a huge hug and then he kissed me saying it was no problem.I'll never forget that dream.-Candi14-


My friend Michele was having her b-day party.I invited Hanson.We had their equipment there,but they weren't there.Michele kept saying,"Where are they at?"I told her that I didn't know.It was 7:30 when the party was over,Hanson wasn't there.I told her that I'd call her when they came.It was 8:00,and this white ford ranger was pulling in my driveway!!I said,"Who's that?I don't know anybody in a white truck!"I ran outside,it was hanson!!Ike was driving,they had a boat(Don't know why) & said their dad let them borrow it.Tay got out,had his hair in a ponytail,braid dangling,& a funky hat & clothes on.Zac got out & ran straight to me & hugged me!!We went inside,Tay says,"WOW!! You got a computer?Can I go on hansonline??"I said sure.I showed them around.Zac loved my room.He said," WOW!! I love your beanies!!"And that's all!!-Jenn-

A Dream-

Okay, here I go.In my dream the 3 Hansons and thier dad were at my house but I don't remember why.They had to spend the night.So they all slept in my room.Ike and Mr. Hanson slept in my bed.Ike was squished up against my wall 'cause their dad took up all the room. Tay slept in my chair with his head on my desk. And for some reason Zac slept on my piano keyboard. I slept in a different room. During the night I went in my room to get something and tripped. Their dad woke up and asked me what was going on. I apologized and ran out of the room. The next thing I remember I think it was the next day.I walked into my room and Ike was on my computer.I wanted to show him something on my computer so I sat down next to him and leaned across him to reach the mouse.As a joke he leaned back against me so I couldn't reach it.Then he lost his balance and we both fell over onto the floor.I was mad so I rubbed my hand on his head so his hair got all messed up.Then he said,"Hey, don't touch the hair!"I tried to answer him in a Butt-Head voice but it came out really stupid. I don't remember what I tried to say but Ike started to laugh really hard.Then I laughed.Then he kissed me.Then I woke up.(dang!)

Trick Or Treat-

I dreamed that I was at Hanson's house and it was Halloween.Their little brother and sister were in the cutest costumes.Hanson took me out Trick or Treating.But instead of going out the front door and walking on the street we went out the back door and through the woods.I remember telling them I did not want to go into the woods at night.They laughed and said,"C'mon,don't be scared."We were walking through the woods and all of a sudden something jumped out at us.I think it was a bat.I screamed,jumped on Zac,and knocked him down.Ike and Tay thought it was hilarious.I was so scared.Then Tay took my hand and led me through the woods.When we got out Tay kissed me.Ike and Zac were laughing at us.Then I woke up.-unidentified hansonfan-

Um Ok-

The dream started with me eating lunch in the school cafetieria and i'm sitting there alone and Tay walks up to me!Just from the Middle of Nowhere!He's like 'hi' and I'm like 'huh' and then he goes 'can I borrow a pair of boxers?' I'm going but I don't get them and then I look at him and he's BUTT NAKED!!!!!It ended there...and I swear I'll never forget that!-TayBop-


I was in my mother's apartment and suddenly the doorbell rang,and it was Hanson.They invited me to go to their house in Tulsa.And of course I said yes.When I was there we had dinner and it was so disgusting!A kind of green soup.Everyone liked it but I hated it!Then we went upstairs to their bedroom and sat down beside me really close and Ike and Zac were whispering about us!Then Tay said something,I don't remember what,but then they started playing mmmbop!And their room was really small and almost everything was green.Then I woke up...weird.-Maria-

It's Ike-

I walked into my room and saw this little note sticking to my window.It said,"Meet me at the treehouse as soon as you can.Isaac." I apparently knew where this tree house was,cuz the next scene I remember climbing up this rope ladder and looking inside,seeing Ike sitting in the corner,his head buried in his arms while they rested upon his knees.I crawled over to him and sat down facing him.I whispered,"Isaac wake up."and he lifted his head up looking at me.He told me he was glad I came,and that he had something for me.I looked around the treehouse,seeing a guitar sitting in the corner,a box crate,and a lit candle between us.He turned around and picked up his guitar and proceeded to sing this song that was sooo beautiful.When he finished,he turned around and sat looking at me.I told him how beautiful the song was and thanked him.Then we kissed and did all that mooshy stuff all was cool.-Icee-

Some Kinda Dream-

Okay,this is a dream I had after listening to M.O.N a million times before falling asleep.I was in a small room with a gray carpet and green walls.There was a Japanese table with a huge jar of jellybeans on it.I was standing around waiting.Then Tay stepped through the wall like Ozma in Return To Oz.He did a weird dance and took a red jellybean.Tay stood on 1 leg like a fountain and jumped.He slid into the next wall and was gone.Then Ike came through.He stuffed a hand full of jellybeans in his mouth and spit them on the floor.They sank through the floor and was gone.He screamed twice and shrugged.Then he stepped into the wall and was gone.Next Zac came in,only he was doing cartwheels!He almost cartwheeled into the wall,but he stopped himself.He took a single blue jellybean and sucked it.He stuck his tongue out at me and it was bright blue!Then Zac sank into the floor and disappeared.I went to where Zac was standing and sank into the floor too.I find myself in a room with white walls and a beige carpet.Zac was spitting jellybeans at the wall.It would hit the wall,bounce off his forehead and into his mouth.He didn't notice me so I slid through the wall into Tay's room.He was meditating.I kissed his forehead and he slapped me.So I left the room and went into Ike's room.He slapped me too and said,"Jared,don't you know how many obsessed fans we gave?You too?" Then a girl appeared out of nowhere and kissed Ike.I slapped her and she slapped me and we got into this huge fight.When I was about to go back to Tay and apologize,he came in and started lecturing us on peace.Then I woke up.My name is not Jared though! -LAgirl-

Hanson dream-

I was at Hanson's house (?) and I was helping their mother wash the dishes after supper.My mom called me and told me my best friend had died.I ran to the guest room where I had been sleeping while at their house and stayed there for 2 days without doing anything.The second night I went downstairs and took a knife out of the drawer.I was about to kill myself but Tay ran down the stairs and grabbed the knife before I could.He brought me to his room and I just sat there crying my eyes out.Then he started making out with me.I slept in his room that night(nothing happened) and the next day he told me he loved me! -Kate-

Weird Dream-

I'm not sure how or why,but apparently I got to meet Hanson.I freaked out at first but calmed down.I think I called some of my friends,and my mum arranged a barbecue(I have no idea why).The barbecue idea wasn't the only strange bit about it.My mum also invited my relatives including my grandparents.And my friends and I were at my house figuring out what to wear and stuff.Anyway,we got there and Taylor got to sit in the good chair (?) that was better than everyone else's.Then he started laughing because there was a ball on the roof or something.And then my grandfather made fun of Taylor cuz he was being really weird,and laughing at stupid things.It was ReAlLy weird.Then a bit before my friend came,I remember her wearing lots of eyeliner,obviously trying to impress Tay.One thing my mom did in the dream which I hated her for,was invite these 2 girls from school(who don't even like Hanson) to come to the barbecue.I knew Hanson would like them better than me,because they're really popular at school,and get alot of attention from the boys(I don't even like them).Somehow people found out Hanson were at my barbecue,and there were all these screaming girls wanting to get in and I think I got really annoyed.And then I talked to Zac and he was really nice,and about my height.I don't remember Isaac being there.Then I must have woken up. -Aimee-