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Let's    Get    To    Know...


*They flew coach to Europe once cuz they felt like it.

*Tay found a love Ike wrote...he was so disgusted...he threw it in a fountain

*In a 5 star hotel in Europe they got in trouble for rollerblading down the halls

*They all sleep in boxers and a tank top

*Every time you walk into their hotel room you can see colored Doc Martins everywhere

*Hanson got kicked out of a toy store once because they bounced balls everywhere and it got out of hand

*May 6th is Hanson Day!

*They're christians.

*They have homeschooled since kindergarden.

*At home Ike and Tay share a bunk bed while Zac sleeps in his own trundle bed

*MmmBop vid filmed in Los Angeles in Dust Brothers house

*Where's The Love vid filmed in London

*IWC2U vid filmed in New York's Beacon Theatre and the other filmed in um...London?

*They all like Gwen Stefani