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*Live Album Track Listing..."Live From Albertane"*

1.Gimme Some Lovin'/Shake a Tail Feather

2.Where's the Love


4.I Will Come to You

5.Ever Lonely


7.With You in Your Dreams

8.A Minute Without You

9.Money (That's What I Want)

10.More Than Anything


12.Man From Milwaukee

Live Album Nov.2-3rd:It's called *LIVE from Albertane* Live From Albertane is due out on November 3 (in North America) and November 2 (in the UK and Australia) and can be pre-ordered at CDNow.

November 3(?):Hanson releases a Live Concert Tour video called "The Road to Albertane". All concert footages are based from the Seattle concert. It will include backstage footages along with other footages from different cities that Hanson has visited during their Albertane Tour.

November 4:Hanson will be on the Nickel-O-Zone on Nickelodeon. 8pm EST.

November 4 or 11:Hanson will be appearing on the Howie Mandel show...check local listings...

November 7:Family Channel Special will be on the Family Channel...7-8pmEST.

November 9:Hanson will be the musical guest on The Late Show with David Letterman to promote their Live album and video. Time: 11:35pm ET/PT.

November 10:Release of Tour Video "Live From Albertane."

November 10:Hanson will make they're third appearance on the Rosie O'Donnell Show. Time: Check local listings.

November 20:They will be appearing on an episode of "Buddy Faro." This show is on CBS...9pm EST.

December 10:Hanson will be in a scene of the show "Melrose Place." It's on at 8pm EST.

Got Milk?:Remember that milk ad, right? There is a book out now that compiles most all of the milk ads. It's called "The Milk Mustache Book: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at America's Favorite Advertising Campaign" by Jay Schulberg and it's available at and at most local bookstores. A couple of pages are dedicated to Hanson and they have a bit of facts about the photo shoot (how Isaac requested to listen to Elvis Presley during the shoot and what food Zac refused to eat), plus an alternate milk picture that didn't make the final cut of the ad. You can find it at most any book store.