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Hey! My friend Emily & I went to the Montreal concert on June 20th. At 11:00, I got my frist glimpse of the Molson Centre. We had taken a tour of it. First we went right into the part where we'd get to see Hanson in about 8 hours. We saw Hansons people setting up,and we took alot of pictures, but we werent supposed to. We also went backstage, but none of Hansons stuff was there yet. The rest of the tour was about hockey, cuz its actually a hockey arena.Now, onto the concert. At 5:45 we arrived at the Molson Centre. We had to wait outside w/ all the other people cuz they wouldnt let us in till 6:00. They finally let us in, and amazingly, no one was trampled. We got in and I bought a tour pass (i didnt buy a shirt cuz i already have 3), and Emily bought a shirt and a keychain. Then we went to our seats. We had row 14, right on the end. We were counting the time till Hanson would come on, then finally 7:30 rolled around and Admiral Twin came on. They were okay, but I wouldnt want to sit though them again. Then at 8:00, they were done so we thought Hanson would come out right away.....nope. then we had to sit through a grueling 1/2 hour before they came out. Finally Hanson came out and i heard the loudest sound i have ever heard in my entire life! (I contributed to it, though i couldnt hear myself).they played 21 songs, and we got to see Tay play the drums,Ike play piano and sing 'More than Anything', Ike run, jump, and slide across the stage, get splashed by Tays water (!), and see tay & zac run around onstage. Before the concert, I told myself 'If Taylor takes off his long-sleeve shirt onstage I will DIE!!' and he did!!!! I wasnt looking when he did though, I was talking to Emily.After the concert, we all walked outside deaf and got handed these Hanson book-kinda- things. They were awesome, but since we were in Canada, they were in french, and we couldnt read them. Then we had to walk home, since our hotel was close, and there was no parking places. We got back to the hotel and I had just gotten out of the shower and we heard this really loud sound. Finally we figured it was a fire alarm so we ran down 21 flights of stairs (since we were staying on the 21 floor) and got to the lobby. I was wearing one of my Hanson shirts to bed, and everyone was looking at me, but I didnt care. Then a guy said it was only an test, so we went back to our room. Well thats my story! -Heather ;^)


This is Amy Reinke. My friends Brooke Hoogesteger, Katie Merrmian, and I all went ot a Hanson concert in Milwaukee together...- We were really excited. A couple days before that, we had made a scrapbook of us to give to Hanson. We did not know if we should send it to hitz list or bring it with us. We decided to bring it with us. When we got to our hotel (the Wyndham) there was alot of comotion. We found out that Hanson had stayed at our hotel the night before. We got to see them leaving the hotel. It was so awesome. I got alot of really good pictures of them and their sibs. It was so awesome. We had our scrapbook with us.We gave our scrapbook to Ava, their roadie. We saw her brining the book back to Hanson!! We were up really close. We are also on Ike's camera. We did not get to meet them though. We found out which room they had stayed in. Their room had not been cleaned yet so their do not disturb sign was still on their door. My friend got to take it off and keep it!!! Then that night we headed down to the Ampitheatre to the concert. We were pretty far back but it was still awesome. They sounded so good!! We even had a chance to get backstage passes! A guy came up to us and asked us if we had a MOE card. We did not. Then he asked the people next to us. They had one and ended up getting backstage passes=( One of the awesome things was just to think that Hanson has our scrapbook on their bus!!!

Hello, My name is Mallory, Aug. 6th, I went to the Hanson Consert in Nashville, TN, Starwood Ampitheater. Here is what happened.....-

Hello, My name is Mallory, Aug. 6th, I went to the Hanson Consert in Nashville, TN, Starwood Ampitheater. Here is what happened..... At 7:30, the first band played... they were also from Tulsa Oklahoma, I think. They were called The Admiral Twins or somthing like that. Well, they played till about 8:05. The crew put a sheet over th stage so you couldn't see the stage. They got all the stuff ready and I saw them put Zac's drums together and roll them on the stage. Then the whole stadium went dark and next thing you know THERE'S ISAAC TAYLOR AND ZAC ON STAGE!!! I don't know the name of the song first song they play but it was the last song that they played on VH1 Storytellers, save The Music.... (Gimme some luvin, gimme some lovin.... Everyday, Sound familiar?) Then they went on and played Thinking of you and some other songs.... They poured water on the people in the front... After a few more songs, Ike, Tay and Zac went back stage, the crew put a different backround that represented the Albertane Tour. They brought out a Living room chair and brought forth Zac's drums and Taylor's key boards. Then After a few minutes they came back out. They sang Stories, Soldier, a song that had never been recorded (I think it was called Lonley), and some other songs... THEN-- Zac And Taylor went back stage and Isaac sang 'More Than Anything' by himself... HE WAS THE ONLY ONE ON STAGE! Then The crew changed the backround again but it was the same b/r the first time. They sang some more songs-- With You in Your Dreams, I Will Come To You, A Minute With Out You, and the last song was MMMBop! Then when you think it is all over, you here Zac Backstage say: "HELOOOOOOO?!?!?! DO YOU WANT US TO COME BACK OUT THERE??!!" Every one screams And they play two more songs: Summertime Blues and Man From Milwaukee. It was so funny, at the end of Man From Milwakee, Isaac jumps up on the little stage Zac's drums are on, jumpes back off, looses his balance and falls! DON'T WORRY, HE WAS OK! I saw Tay asked him if he was ok.. he said yes. Oh, I also remember them playing some song and they introduced the Back-up players, then they introduced Them selves. When Tay introduces Zac, He runs behind Zac and TAYLOR PLAYED THE DRUMS!!! He was GOOD!!! But while Tay played the drums, Zac squirted people with a water gun! After the concert, We all were tired my back hurt and I had a killer head ache (from screaming so much) but it was all worth it!

Hailee's Review of the Grapvine Mills Mall Concert in Dallas-

Ok I had like 5 people spending the night at my house, because I live like 10 min. away from were those three hot brothers from Tulsa were going to do a concert! My mom told all my friends and I to go to bed at 9:00 pm, because we had school that same day! Right, like we were going to go to sleep! We were up listening to the radio! All they talked about on the radio station was HANSON! That was perfectly fine with me!!! We ended up getting in trouble, because we were still up at 12:30am! We ended up falling asleep! Just 30 min. later my mom came in and said," Girls get's time!" At first I was just kind of like mom what are you doing! Why are you waking us up! Actually all my friends were like that! Then we all were kind of like....jumping up and down,screaming ect.!!!! We got ready,we wanted to look are best! We got our M.O.D. CDs and I brought Cried too! We got atleast one magazine and were out the door! It was like 1:25am now and we were all in the back on the van just....shaking!!!! We were SPEECHLESS!! We pulled into the mall parking lot even though we knew we weren't supposed to be on the lot yet! The security guard told us to go away! We parked in the Hilton hotel parkinglot, right across the street! We made my our parents park right infront of the entrance so when it was time to go we could just zoom out of there! We got out of the car just to move around! I mean, I am a very hyper person and I can't stand to stay still! Especially when I am going to see HANSON in like 3 hours and 45 min.!!!!! I got out of the car and just through a fit!! A happy fit! I was like not quite screaming, but I was really loud! I was jumping up and down! I even said," Where's the Love" like really loud!!!! My friends were just kind of like," Hailee...COME DOWN!" Then my best friend kind of joined in with me! It was like freezing outside, but I didn't care! I got back in the car and turned on Cried! Just my luck I was singing at the top of my lungs and my batteries go dead! I was so mad! So then this guy that worked for the Hilton came out and said, "Are you guys parked here for the concert?" we said ," YES!" (duh) Then I don't know who siad it, but a girl somewhere yelled," Hanson is in the Hilton Hotel!" Everyone was in their car so they were like," Yeah right, whatever!" Then like the next day I found out they really were! Back to the concert! Ok, it was like 3:30am and we decided to go to the mall parking lot! There were about 45 girls screaming and the police were like," BE QUIET!!!!" They said," line up!" We formed two lines and I was in the front including all my friends! Then all the reporters pulled in like channel 5 and 11 and channel 8! The 106.1 FM van was already there! Then at like 4:45am Hanson came by in a like trailer and honked the horn like a million times, then drove off! We all started screaming of course!!!!!After standing in freezing cold weather for like 2 hours someone said," GOOOOOO!" All like 10,000 fans ran in at the same time! I ended up in the very front of the mall doors! I couldn't breath at all! It was that cramped! Then the door that I was in front of just flew opened I started running as fast as I could! I lost my friends, but found one of my best friends Lindsay running up the stairs to get to the food court! She grabbed my hand and like carried me up the stairs! We turned right and there was the stage! We were llike soooooooooooooo close!!!! I couldn't beleive it!!! I got on the news like a lot! I was one ET and my friend says she saw me on MTV news or something! The DJ would play a recording of this contest they had for the biggest Hanson fan they had like about 2 days before the concert! A girl named Amanda Neal who was 15 won! Every single girl was jealous of her and hated her! I kind was like if you were her would you care if the girls hated! When they played the recording of her to keep us occupied everyone started crying cussing and screaming! I thought the screams were loud then! The the DJ goes,"Who ya'll going to see?" HANSSSSSSSSSSSSSSON! Then this guy came on stage all we could see was the back of him and he had long curly hair and it was pulled back and so we just thought it was Ike! Everyone started screaming soooo loud including me, then he turned around and it wasn't Ike! Everyone was like ummmmmmmmmmm......huh!? Then I saw Zac looking through the door they were going to come out of! A lot of us saw him and everyone went like CRAZY! About an hour later HANSON came on stage! The screaming was like soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo loud! I mean, it's not like I wasn't screaming at the top of my lungs!!!! Zac was wear his army pants and a red shirt, Tay was wearing a blue shirt with a black strip on it and brown velvety pants and Ike was wearing alike green blue shirt and it had a zipper at the top and I couldn't see his pants! ZAC WAS SOOOOOOOOO FINE!!!!! TAY WAS FINE AND IKE CUTE!!!!!( Iguess you know who my favorite is!) I felt sorry for Tay, because when he got on stage he was waving and smiling and then he tripped on the guitar cord and he like almost fell off the stage! I don't think a lot of us cared! I mean, Hanson was like in the same room as us! Then Zac and Ike came on! They started out with Madeline and the screams were so loud that they couldn't hear eachother and were singing totally different words and notes! Then they did an interveiw and then came back on and sang Man from Milwaukee! At first Zac would do his walkie-talkie part because, I don't know! He looked at Tay and Tay was like, what are you doing Zac he gave him this look and then Zac like ignored him and then he looked at Ike! Ike was like really mad or something. He like said something and Zac yaped right back at him! Zac finally did it! They look so cute when they get annoyed or whatever! Then they did another interveiw! WARNING: TAY FANS YOU MIGHT NOT WANT TO READ THIS!!! The girl that won the biggest Hanson fan contest got to HUG, yes HUG TAY! Everyone was CRYING SO HARD AND SCREAMING SO LOUD!!!!! Then they came back and sang MMMBop! They sounded GRRRRREAT for the part I could hear!!! I was REALLY THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!! (i left out some things becuse this was getting way to long!)

My review of the Kansas City Concert-

I left school with my friends Sara and Julie at about 10:30 am and we were sooo excited!We went to Taco Bell,ordered some food,and ate it on the way there.When we got there,there was already a LONG line.People were there that have been there since 6am!We got there at about 11:45.The gates opened at noon.They had a BIG parking lot and everyone was squishing near the front stage!We saw our 2 friends that never went to school that day and we got closer to the stage.We were between the middle and the stage.Pretty good seats actually.We stood out there and we screamed for Hanson a billion times.Then,they came in their white van,went on stage,and we went nuts!They did a long sound check and Tay had a blue/black shirt and black pants.He was wearing sunglasses too.Ike don't remember what he had on.All I saw was Zac with a orange shirt on.Then they left their white van.Probably to go eat or something.There were BIG speakers and they would play songs off the radio.We could hear them on the radio cuz the radio station was talking to them in the van!It was very cool.Finally...after hours of waiting...they came back.They played with their regular instruments...keyboards/congos,drums,guitar.The songs they sang...Madeline,Man from Milwalkee,IWC2U,Run Rudolph Run,MmmBop,Where's the love,Thinking of You,A minute without you.Everyone was waving their hands and putting out lighters when they sang IWC2U.Everyone was jumping up and down during Man From Milwalkee.Zac had his little michrophone thingy with him too! THE CONCERT ROCKED!!!!BILLIONS OF PEOPLE!IT WUZ PACKED!Also,we saw Walker their Dad taping the crowd and his sons playing.The funny thing was when they were about to leave the sound check and they were in the van...Tay stuck his head out and it was soooo...I dunno.COOL!!!! I Am tireD...

Brandy's Review of the Dallas Concert-

I got up at 3:50 AM.People were already waiting there at 11:00 at night!They opened the door at 4:30.We got there at 5:00.When we got there my friend and I tried to get closer up,we were about in the middle.Then I remembered my mom had the film so I went back to get some from her and she said she could see better from back there,so my friend and I went back there with her.It was about 5:30am.We stood there for almost 2 hours.My mom got some coffee and hot chocolate for me(which tasted like crap!).My friend fell asleep on the floor.Then all the parents started to lift their little kids on their shoulders.I couldn't see at all!So my friend and I tried to get up closer.It was about 6:50.I'm glad we tried to get closer because we did!We had a really good view of them.They came out at about 7:20.And I thought that the screaming was loud before!The shriek was so loud!They came out and sang Man From Milwalkee.I could barely hear any of the words.Then they sat down and did a short interview.I couldn't hear a word they were saying because the people behind me were yelling!I wanted to hear it though!Then they got back up and sang Madeline.Then they sat back down and did another short interview.Still couldn't hear what they were saying.Then they sang Mmmbop.Everyone was singing along with them so you could barely hear them.Tay was sooo cute!He cut his hair,it's still long but not as long as before.Zac was adorable!And Ike..well I wasn't paying attention to him.I jumped up and down sometimes.I got some good pics that way too!They finished at about 8:00am.Then they left and the crowd got thinner and thinner...

Ashley's Hanson Review on the Atlanta's Star94 Private Concert-

OK,my radio station(STAR94) had a private hanson concert novemeber 22nd in Atlanta, GA. You had to win tickets to be able to go though. They were giving out 400. Each person who got in got to meet hanson and get there picture professionally taken with hanson. Me and my friends had tried soo hard to win the tickets but we couldnt do it. So the day of the concert my mom took me and my friend to the resturant it was going to be at, at 9:45a.m. The concert was suppossed to start at 3:00, but hanson was supossed to arrive for their sound check between 10:30-12:00. When we got there was hardley anyone else. The parking lot attendents told us that hanson was supossed to go in through the back door, so me and my friend stayed back there for a few hours and we met two girls from S.C. It seemed like a century waiting for hanson to arrive. Girls at the front entrance would scream and pretend hanson was there and everyone would run to the front. We did that a couple times. Then it was 11:45 and hanson still hadnt arrived but then we saw there bodyguard, jason, walk by and we got our picture taken with him. Then at about 12:30 the girls at the front entrance screamed again and we all stampeded up there. Hanson was really there that time and they were getting out of their van. I was really close and got to touch Ike but then some lady shoved me out of the way. Me and my friend hardley got any pictures though and were really depressed because we thought that that would be all we would see of hanson. We hung out at the front entrance for a couple hours hoping that hanson might come out again and wave or something.But they didnt. We also got a hanson sticker. Then we saw hansons driver and we asked him if there was anything of hansons in the van that we could have and he found there hair brush. I got alot of hair out of it but he wouldnt let us keep the brush. Then me and my friend started walking up and down the line of people who had tickets trying to find someone who would sell theres. But we had no luck.Everyone there would only sell them for between $1,000-$5,000. So we just stood in the line with the ticket holders and pretended we had tickets. We were just planning on sneaking in. We also sang MMMBOP for a TV camera that was for a childrens news show.Then I heard my mom screaming my name so I ran down to her and she had found four 18 year olds who were willing to sell their tickets for $300 a piece. So me and my friend and our 2 friends from S.C. all bought one. We had to wait about 30 more min. before we were allowed in. Right when we got in though we ran strait to Tays keyboards and drums. We were about 4 feet from them. Then waiting for hanson to come out was the most miserable time of my life. We were all really hot and everyone was screaming at people because we were all being pushed. Then hanson came out and everyone spread out so it wasnt as crowded. I was almost positive I was dreaming and I wasnt really there. First they sang Madeline acapella , and then Man from Milwalkee.It was sooo cute how their dad was video taping it. Im all in the tape. There body guard was also singing along to the songs.Then they went to their instraments. Tay said "your at a hanson concert so theres no rules.....except You cant stand still!" so everyone started screaming and jumping. Then zac said "Actually theres two rules.You cant jump on the stage!" Then they started playing Thinking of You. After that song Tay said "Are you guys hot?" and he threw his water at us , and it got me all wet. Which was perfectly fine! Then they played Wheres the Love?. After that Ike said "We couldnt have written a song, we couldnt have made an album, we couldnt have lived a minuete without you" and they started playing A minuete without you. After that they started playing that Rudolph song on the christmas cd. Then they played I will Come to You. They had to stop in the middle of it though because Tay messed up his keyboard. Then they sang it over. Then Tay said he was sorry it was such a short concert , but theyd be back in the spring. Then they started playing MMMBOP. Then they walked through they crowd to get off the stage and everyone like clobered me trying to touch them. I got to touch Tay though! Then hanson went up to a small balcony thing where we were going to meet them. We had to wait about 45 min. while they got ready. These men were packing up all the intraments and one threw Tays sweat towel to the audience and I caught it!!! It was soaking wet. All these girls attacked me and one of them pulled off my fake nail, which is still sore. Also one girls dad bit off a piece of it for her. While we were waiting for our pics we kept yelling for hanson and once zac ran over to the edge of the balcony and pretended to jump off. We waited about 1hour and 30 min. before we got up to the steps for the balcony. It went by really fast though.The people who worked at the restarunt gave us cookies and coke. I was soo thirsty that i drank about 5 cokes. They were putting us in groups of 8 to get our pics made. So we made sure we were in a group woth all our friends we met during the cocnert. We were all really nervous and wondered how we would react when we got up there. We finally made it to the steps and we were the next group up. Walker was standing right beside me. Thats when it hit me that I was at a hanson concert. Me and my friend who came with me ran right up to tay cause we were going to make sure he had his arms ariound us in the pic! First tay came up to me and shook my hand and said "Nice to meet you". I moved my foot right when Tay moved his and i like tripped and fell on his shoulder. I was like"OOPS sorry" and he said "Its ok and laughed" I remeber that Tays hand was really wide. Then Ike came up to me and said the same thing. Then zac ran up to me and said "Hello Im Zac"in the really funny voice.I said "Zac you are so crazy" and he did this little laugh that I cant even describe. Actually it was sorta like what Kel does on "ALL THAT". Then we got posed for the picture and I was to the left of Taylor and he had his arm around me. Zac was ont he other side of me bending over and I had my arms rested on him. Then a girl in my group started screaming and crying so Ike and Tay tried to calm her down so she wouldnt be crying in the picture. Then Zac jumped out in front of her and screamed and she really freaked out. So I grabbed Zacs shoulders and pulled him back and we were both laughing and I said "Zac dont do that to her. She cant handle it" and he said" Yeah I know! Its fun!!!! " So then me and zac were talking for a few minuetes. Then they were ready to take the picture but Zac was acting retarded so Tay reached around me and hit Zacs back and told him to shut up.Afetr they took the picture Ike came up to me and shook my hand again and said Bye, Then Tay came up and shook my hand and said "Bye Ill see ya next time" then he just stood there shaking my hand waiting for me to say something. I was like oh no oh no what do I say???? So I just said bye again and I said I had a lot of fun. Then I was turned around and Zac came up behinde me and sorta jumped up on my shoulders and I turned around he said " Hey I hope your friends ok", and gave a little evil grin. Then he said "Bye, I hope you had fun".and I shook his hand again.Then we had to walk down off the balcony which was really sad and I started crying. When I got outside though I realized how lucky I was because there were hundreds of girls out there crying because they didnt get in. I saw Hansons back up guitatist and I got his autograph. They wouldnt let us get hasnons autographs :( But my hair, sweat towel, picture, and meeting them made up for it.I was really mad at myself because I had planned all this stuff to say to hanson and I forgot to say it when I got up there. Also I should have taken pics of them when I met them because I know zac would have done soem cute pose for me. I thought that Ike was the friendliest and most polite, Tay was just trying to act cool and he seemed shy, and Zac well...... LOL....... he was just acting like his normal self. I think of hanson differnetly now. They are sooo normal. One of my friends was talking to Tay and said " I cant beleive Im touching you" and he said" why? Its just me" and she said" YEAH, LOL, I know its just you.Well that was the best day of my life and Ill never forget it, I hope you all can meet them one day. And also , if you do, you should prcatice what your going to say, LOL. PEACE,LOVE AND HANSON *ASHLEY* (SEALL88)

Joanna's Review-

On November 20, 1997, Hanson came through Baltimore to do a radio interview on WXYV. The radio station is only 30 minutes from my house, so me and 3 friends decided to go down to the station to see if we could catch a glimpse of them. The station was giving away one grand prize winner who would get to meet them and get autographs and pictures. I tried to win, but gave up knowing I was going to the radio station anyways. On that morning, we got there at 7:45. They weren't supposed to come until 8:30. And when we got there, only about twenty girls were there, but people were still coming. There were camp sites, where people had spent the night. Everyone had expected a lot more people. Lucky for us, there weren't! There were live TV station cameras set up taping us. I was on TV that morning. Everyone was pretty much hanging around just waiting for Hanson to get there. By 9:30, they still weren't there, but the radio station assured us, they'd called and said they were on their way. There were now about 80-100 girls, and like 2 guys. But the station had glass doors in front and glass doors in back, so you could see right through the building to the other side. Everyone was being held back by security, but I saw Zac enter the building through the back door. I just saw long hair, and I knew it was him by the way he walked. I ran to the front of the building as fast as I could and tried to open the front door. But every single girl behind me saw me running and had followed me, screaming at the tops of their lungs. I was plastered to the door, I think my nose is still stuck to it, and I saw Zac and Taylor wave at us before ducking into the elevator. As soon as they disappeared, everyone backed off, finally, and we were herded back to the parking lot. We waited 3 hours for them to be interviewed on the radio, of which I heard nothing of until later that night when they replayed it, and more for them to give autographs and pictures to winners and radio staff. Finally, a radio personnel came out to negotiate with us. He said Hanson would come out and meet and greet us because we were a very small crowd. That's compared to Dallas and Kansas City a couple days ago. We were not allowed to crowd them, and had to stay calm. They put up a barrier of tape, and said they'd be out in a half hour.Two hours later, they came out. There were cameras following them everywhere. Everyone started screaming and jumping up and down, not able to move it was so squished. I just stared. I couldn't believe it. Taylor came down and told everyone to be quiet. We thought he was going to talk to us. But he just shook hands with the first person he saw. That was probably a mistake. Everyone screamed and pushed to touch him and shake his hand. Alas, he had to back up and try and calm everyone down again. Good luck! Isaac had come forward and just started shaking everyone's hands and talking to people. I reached over someone's head, and he grabbed my fingertips and said, "Hi! Nice to meet you!" Taylor moved to the other side, so I ran over there, and squished to the front. He shook people's hands, but was missing mine, so I screamed, "Taylor, Taylor!" over the crowd. He heard me and looked at me and smiled. He shook my hand and said, "Hey there!" Then he let me take a picture of him, looking right at me. He was wearing a small, silver, pinky ring. They all looked great. The crowd started to swell, so they hopped out of there, fast. Zac was really scared to come talk to anyone, and hid behind the security guards the whole time. I had a great time! It was awsome! Joanna