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Oh    Gosh    It's    Rumors...

*According to Much Music Taylor is going out with Amy Osbourne the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne.

*Taylor's got a girlfriend named Jessie, but they are both trying to keep it a secret.

*Zac lost a tooth at the set of "Where's The Love?" video.The 'tooth-fairy' didn't visit him so the director felt sorry and gave him money!

*They are immigrants from Sweden and Zac's name is Edgar.

*Jim Carrey wants to adopt Zac.

*They were on Jenny Jones in 1995.

*When they lived in South America they lived in a grass hut and had to hunt for hunt for food.

*Tay sleeps with his hair in pigtails.

*If Ike likes you,he tickles you!

*Zac has an ailen blanket.

*The next single is "Look At You"

*The new single after "Weird" will be "Man From Milwalkee"

*Ike tried to straighten his hair but ended up burning it.

*Okay-I know this is really dumb and I know it's not true but someone e-mailed me and reccomended me to put this rumor on here that Ike got some girl pregnant.I really don't believe that.

*Yearbook is about a kid who died in the Oklahoma City Bombing.

*They are planning to move to New Jersey in 98'.

*Taylor loves to clean.

*Zac & Tay might get braces

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