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My    Obsession    Signs...

1.You beat up Donald Trump and sued MTV cuz they said Hanson blows.

2.You pour CKBe colone all over yourself and you say,"Tay's been all over me."

3.You name your pets after them.

4.You're still looking for Johnny.

5.You mail yourself to Tulsa.

6.Your lips are chapped from kissing Hanson posters too much.

7.You've become a computer hacker and you love to put viruses into a hanson haters computer.

8.You put a poster of Ike,Tay,or Zac above your bed and hope it falls on you.

9.You turn everything into something about Hanson.

10.You cry when you find out someone got to see Hanson when they had a concert in your town.

11.You yell at people who make fun of Hanson.

12.You dump your best friend cuz she hates Hanson.

13.You are constantly looking for or thinking about Hanson.

14.You walk into a salon and you ask for the "Hanson Doo."(From renoggle)

15.You are getting really good at drawing Taylor's lips.(From Jesi)

16.You have I LOVE HANSON or the hanson brother of your choice tatooed on your body.(From Jesi)

17.You stopped going to church because you've convinced yourself Hanson is god.So you worship your Hanson shrine and your new bible is your binder of Hanson stuff.(umm...ok.From Amber)

18.You know your obsessed when you instinctively cause bodily harm to anyone named Madeline or Lucy.(from Amanda)

19.You take the oath of Hanson every day when you get up and bow down to a Hanson poster.(from Angela)

20.You wear a necklace with an "H" on it all the time.(from Julie)

21.You get the top of your ear pierced with your fave hanson bro's favorite color as the color of the earring.(from Julie)

22.You wear your Hanson Shirt for good luck.(from Julie)

23.You actually believe your hanson dreams will come true.(from Audrey)

24.You've done everything on this list.(from Sydney)

25.You go bungee jumping like Hanson did in their video.(from Sydney)

26.You walk or run to Tulsa.(from Kaylee)

27.You've made up your own hanson game.(from Ike's Girl)

28.You know every single hanson song by word and you even know when they take breaths during the song.(from Casper)

29.Your planning on trying to sneek into the Grammys.(from Casper)

30.You scream,pull your hair out,and run around the house because you still haven't seen the whole entire IWC2U video.(from Jellybeans)

31.You look around everywhere for the site where the cover of MON and Snowed In were shot.(from Shanna)

32.You destroy every pair of scissors around, so Hanson can never chop thier hair off.(from Shanna)

33. You have your fave brothers name tattoed somewhere on your body.(from Shanna)

34. You turn down every person who asks you out cuz your "saving yourself for hanson" (from Shanna)

35. You make the pic of your fave brother bigger,cut out his body, and dance to their slower songs every nite before you go to sleep. (from Shanna)

36. You serenade for your Hanson posters. (from Shanna)

37. You own 4 copies of all their album releases. (from Shanna)

38. You celebrate thier birthdays complete with cake and blowers(I saw someone do that in a magazine...freaky) (from Shanna)

39. You've nicknamed your room the "hanson shrine."(from Shanna)

40. You hang a poster of Hanson on your ceiling and hope the tape ages quickly. (from Shanna)

41. You don't answer to anything but "mrs.____ Hanson" (from Shanna)

42. All your emails addys are...something like Shanna)

43.U name your or change your dog'z name to Wicket! (from Hailee)

44.U cry when u miss when they r on TV! (from Hailee)

45.U scream whenever u see their faces on tv! (from Hailee)

46.U cry when u find out u get backstage passes! (from Hailee)

47.U lock yourself in your room and watch all 11 of your Hanson tapes and listen to all your Hanson things and stare at your posters! (from Hailee)

48.U beat and bruise your friendz when u found out Hanson was coming to your town to do a concert u got sooooooo excited! (from Hailee)

49.U go all the way to Oklhoma to collect sand,seed and water as they do in the MMMBop video! (from Hailee)

50.U fall asleep in class...becuz u went to a 7AM Hanson concert and u arrived there at 1:30 AM! (from Hailee)

51.U know Hanson better than yourself! (from Hailee)

52.U pray that dreams really do become reality! (from Hailee)

53.The only reason u r upset about moving is becuz u r moving farther away from Hanson! (from Hailee)

54.U became so obsessed u were grounded from Hanson for a solid week! (from Hailee)

55.U travel to different states to see Hanson perform! (from Hailee)

56.U collect things from their front yard! (from Hailee)

57.You started your own musical group called the Hanson Lovers.(from Liz)

58.You tell the entire world that you wanna have their kids.(from Liz)

59.The only thing that makes you happy is looking at you're fave. hanson's face, or listening to them.(from Liz)

60.You get your hair dyed the color that your fave hanson likes best.(from Liz)

61.You've already picked out the ring that you want Zac, Tay or Ike to give you when they ask you to get married.(from Liz)

62.You write stories about how you wanna make-out with them all day & and night, and then send it to them.(from Liz)

63. You have police records for trying to kill people that say Hanson sucks.(from Liz)

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