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Let's    Get    To    Know...


*Full Name:Zachary Walker Hanson...prefers to be called Zac

*B-Day:Oct.22,1985...Born in Arlington,VA

*Height:5'4"...Weight:95 lbs.

*Eye color:Hazel...Fave color:Blue

*Fave subject:Math...Fave ice cream:chocolate

*Fave show:Animaniacs...Fave food:Jell-O

*Fave thing to say...I LOVE YOU MAN!

*Fave pizza:Pepperoni

*Fave candy:Reese's...Fave drink:Dr.Pepper

*Shoe size:8 in mens

*Left handed...Plays:Drums


*Acts:Crazy & wild.

*At one interview he kept turning off the tape recorder

*He likes to embarrass Tay...he and Tay share clothes

*He collects shampoo bottles from hotels...also collects bottlecaps

*He always chews gum...has bright green toothbrush

*Can speak while burping

*What he looks for in a girl:funny and nice

*When he was young he was performing on stage and he ran off crying cuz he wuz too nervous

*He likes to play video games

*Likes to play Laser Tag

*One time his bass drum rolled across the stage and the 3 boys ran after it

*Another thing was his old drum set was too high for him so he sat on a chest to perform and one day he was doing a drum solo and he fell backwards and the whole crowd laughed at him(meanies!)

*Once before one of their gigs Zac threw up but Tay & Ike calmed him down and everything went fine

*He tried to keep some of his teeth that fell out in his dresser drawer but they dissappeared...

*Ike says," Zac is definitely very crazy."